• Wedding Bouquet Preservation

    There are various ways to keep the memories of your special day, preservation of your floral bouquet is one of these. We offer several different sizes and styles of floral preservation.

  • Preservation of Childhood Keepsakes

    This project was created with a treasured childhood keepsakes that was given to the childs mother. This technique forever preserves you memories within the resin.

  • Memorial Flower Coasters

    These beautiful coasters are made with dried flowers from the funeral of the customers close family member. Theses are a great way to beautifully remember a loved one.

  • Cremation Ash Keepsakes

    We can preserve the creamation ash of your loved ones, including your pets, in to cherished keepsakes. These can be jewelry, statues, keychains, and many other items.

  • Gift for a Loved One

    Memories can be preserved for loved ones of special moments in your relationship. The first rose given can be turned into a coaster to remember the moment forever.

  • Other Custom Preservation

    We have preserved many things in resin and are open to any and all ideas. We have preserved lobsters, bullets, antlers, trees and more. We would love to hear your creative ideas.